Therapy Services

Our therapists will work with you and other physicians to ensure that you get the right treatment plan that works best for your condition. Our therapist will follow up and review your progress in order to work towards regaining your functional mobility and independence.

For an appointment, you may call (956) 542-1987.

Physical Therapy Services Include the following:

Pain Management

Post Surgery Care

Pre Surgery Care

Education and Training in the use of Assistive Devices



Body Mechanics

Exercise Programs

Improving Range Of Motion

Muscle Re-Education

Regaining Mobility

Relearning Daily Living Skills And Self-Care Skills

Strength Training

Occupational Therapy Services Include the following:

Health Assessment

Body Mechanics

Basic Skills Evaluation

Basic Level Skills Education and Training

Device Assistance Training

Pain Management

Exercise Programs

Therapeutic Programs

Strength Enhancement

Balance Restoration

Sensory Functions Restoration

Energy Conservation and Management

Muscle Control Restoration and Enhancement

Mobility Enhancement

Speech Therapy Services Include the following:

Home Safety



Dysphagia (Swallowing)


Adaptive Speech Devices

Aural (Hearing) Rehabilitation

Non-oral Communication

Home Speech and Language Exercise Program

Patient Education

Communication Options/Alternatives

Eating and Swallowing Strategies

Speech Articulation Exercise

Aural Rehabilitation

Cognitive Skills Evaluation

Comprehension Skills Assessment

Sensory Skills Assessment


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Flexible appointments and urgent care.

Or call — 344 532 2352

My husband had become homebound and is immobile. I want to thank you all for the wonderful care he has received from all your Nurses, Therapists and Staff. They gave the best care, with great attitudes that anybody could want.

Carol Pontious


Safe, cost effective, better and quality health care services is our Mission.

24/7 on-call phone service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

(956) 542-1987

435 Paredes Line Rd Ste BBrownsville TX 78521

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